With Timely Treatment, a Cavity Can Often Be Repaired with a Filling

An inconsistent oral hygiene routine or the lack of regular attendance to your dental checkups at Feldman Dentistry greatly increases your chances of developing cavities. If it is detected early, your dentist, Dr. James Feldman, can repair most small cavities with a standard dental filling. Dr. James Feldman will start by conducting a thorough examination of the tooth. This will... read more »

Antibiotic Prophylaxis: Premedicating Before Dental Procedures

Bacteremia means that bacteria have entered the bloodstream. These bacteria can cause infection in other parts of the body, but the immune system is usually able to fight it off. However, some people are more susceptible to infection, especially when they undergo certain dental procedures because the mouth is full of bacteria which can enter the blood stream. Antibiotic prophylaxis... read more »

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