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Dr. Feldman is a GREAT dentist! If I ever leave this region, I would fly back to see Dr. Feldman because you will never find another dentist who is as skilled as Dr. Feldman. He is like a master dentist on a Bruce Lee level. If you have a problem that no one else can solve, Dr. Feldman can. That is a statement from personal experience. I have a 20-year grinding habit. It happens during my sleep and there is not much I can do to control it. As a result, I have no molars left and all my teeth are concave which makes them prone to cavities. Before I came to see Dr. Feldman, other dentists suggested crowns, tooth canal, even extensive orthodontist work. Aside from the expensive cost, I would have to endure quite bit of a discomfort or outright pain. Let’s face it–no one wants a root canal when he/she doesn’t need it.

I was turned down repeatedly from other dentists who said that my teeth were too thin to be patched up (or filled in). At the insistence of a friend (another long-time patient), I went to see Dr. Feldman, and much to my surprise, he fixed me up right there and then in two hours’ time and that was about 6 years ago. No pain. No problem. No root canal. This man is a problem-solver. By the way, an interesting fact–Dr. Feldman’s father was a dentist; his grandfather was a dentist and his grandmother was also a dentist. That’s pretty impressive pedigree in dentistry. It just tells you that he knows the field very well and he was the president of the American Dental Association. So let there be no doubt, he is the dentist to see, if you got a toothache or any problem related to teeth.

Moreover, He does all the work on his patients himself including teeth cleaning, and so you will never get a hygienist, or worse, a dental assistant to work on your teeth. He will never give you–or even mention a procedure that you DO NOT ABSOLUTELY NEED! I don’t have to stress how important that is when it comes to your teeth! Some dentists in my past simply didn’t know what to do; others were financially motivated. That will never happen with Dr. Feldman, because he always knows what you need and he really cares about you, the patient, and what’s best for you. When Dr. Feldman does proceed with a treatment, then rest assured that is the procedure you absolutely need and must have in order to keep your tooth/teeth. When you do go in for the procedure, it is basically painless, and he will generally solve whatever problem you have in one session.

Kate R.

Without going into the same detail as Kate R, I’d simply like to concur that Dr. Feldman is beyond awesome. You are not likely to find another dentist as knowledgeable, skillful, and thorough as Dr. Feldman.
Plus, you can choose your own music to be drilled or cleaned by, from over 200 CDs. How can you beat that?

Jan M

Beautiful quality dentistry you and your family can smile about.