Why Great Dental Hygiene Is Essential to Your Oral Health

If you want to keep your mouth healthy and happy, then it’s imperative to maintain good dental hygiene. Dr. Feldman and his compassionate team encourage you to preserve your smile through observing a daily dental hygiene routine and by visiting our office for your regularly scheduled dental cleanings and exams. Naturally, you should brush your… Read more »

Antibiotic Prophylaxis: Premedicating Before Dental Procedures

Bacteremia means that bacteria have entered the bloodstream. These bacteria can cause infection in other parts of the body, but the immune system is usually able to fight it off. However, some people are more susceptible to infection, especially when they undergo certain dental procedures because the mouth is full of bacteria which can enter… Read more »

Different Mouthguards and How to Care for Them

If you are an athlete, you have probably used a mouthguard at some point. Mouthguards are crucial to protecting the teeth and mouth, and they are used in contact sports and non-contact ones like ice skating or biking. Finding the right mouthguard and properly caring for it are important to do if you want to… Read more »