What are athletic mouth guards?

Athletic, or sports, mouth guards are worn to protect your teeth, gums, cheeks and tongue from damage while you are participating in athletics.

Why are mouth guards important?

Our caring dentists and team recommend that you protect your mouth from damage by wearing a custom-fitted athletic mouth guard while participating in athletics. Athletic mouth guards are especially important in contact sports such as football, soccer, hockey, wrestling and martial arts. These sports often produce blows to the head, and serious dental injuries can occur as a result.

Do I need an athletic mouth guard?

Many athletic leagues require participants to wear athletic mouth guards. Dr. James Feldman and Dr. Steven Feldman can provide you with a custom-fitted sports mouth guard in Washington, DC, that is compliant with the standards that your athletic league requires. Research has also shown that athletes who wear custom-fitted athletic mouth guards are twice as protected against the risk of concussion as those who wear store-bought, generic mouth guards.

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