Why is dental hygiene important?

Dental hygiene is essential to keeping your mouth happy and healthy. Brushing and flossing your teeth at least twice per day can keep your teeth free of plaque and help them to appear whiter and brighter. Visiting the dentist for a professional cleaning can help achieve a level of dental hygiene that you cannot attain on your own. It is a good idea to get a professional teeth cleaning prior to special events such as:

  • Weddings
  • Job interviews
  • Modeling shoots

I brush and floss. Isn’t that enough?

Brushing and flossing are important, but these healthy habits do not necessarily ensure that you will maintain perfect oral health. You may still develop plaque or tartar buildup in hard-to-reach areas, or you may have periodontal disease that you were not even aware of. Many dental health problems can arise from your diet, your genetics or even who you kiss. Because of these issues, we encourage you to visit the dentist at least every six months for a regular exam and cleaning. Dr. James Feldman and Dr. Steven Feldman are pleased to offer professional hygiene treatments and teeth cleanings in Washington, DC.

Second Opinions

Our dentists can also provide exams for second opinions. If you are uncertain about a recommended treatment, we invite you to contact us and schedule a consultation. Our dentists will examine your mouth and discuss your oral health needs with you so that you can understand your treatment options and make a fully informed decision.

If you would like more information about the hygiene treatments that you can receive at Feldman Dentistry, please feel free to contact our office today at 202-362-8412.

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