What should I do if I have a dental emergency?

If you have a dental emergency, you should visit our dental office as soon as possible. Dr. James Feldman and Dr. Steven Feldman always makes dental emergencies a priority and will do everything we can to assist you and make you as comfortable and at ease as possible.

In the event that your tooth is knocked out, time is of the essence in order to replace and save the tooth. If there is no more pressing trauma that requires an emergency room visit, you should go to the dentist as quickly as possible. Do not clean the tooth off. Keep the tooth in your saliva if possible or in a glass of milk while transporting the tooth to the dentist. Do not put the tooth into water.

Is my dental problem an emergency?

If you have any doubt about whether your dental issue is an emergency, we encourage you to be proactive about addressing the problem as soon as possible. Some common dental emergencies include:

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • Teeth that are broken, chipped or cracked
  • Extruded or dislodged teeth
  • Lost fillings or crowns
  • Severe injuries to your soft tissue
  • Abscesses
  • Severe toothaches

If you have any dental emergency, our dentists and team are happy to assist you at Feldman Dentistry with quality emergency dental care in Washington, DC. If it is after business hours, please call our office at 202-362-8412 to check availability. If there is a more severe problem, such as a broken jaw, you should visit the emergency room immediately.

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