What is gum disease?

Periodontal disease, or gum disease, is a condition that is most often caused by the bacteria found in plaque. The harmful bacteria cause the gums to become infected and inflamed. If left untreated, the gums begin to pull away from the teeth, resulting in serious dental problems and the loss of teeth, bone and gum tissue.

Why is gum care important?

It is important to take excellent care of your gums as well as your teeth. If your gums become infected, it can affect not only your gums but also your teeth and many other areas of your body. Because the bacteria that cause periodontal disease can enter your blood and travel, periodontal disease has been linked to increased blood pressure, heart attacks, stroke, arthritis, and childbirth complications and defects.

What is gum treatment?

Dr. James Feldman and Dr. Steven Feldman offer comprehensive gum treatment in Washington, DC. Depending on your individual needs, we may offer a variety of treatments in order to keep your gums healthy. Our gentle dentists might suggest better techniques for at-home care, as well as provide special deep cleanings in our office. In severe cases, gum surgery may be necessary in order to restore the health of your mouth. For more information on the high-quality periodontal care that our dentists and team offer, we encourage you to call Feldman Dentistry today at 202-362-8412. We look forward to giving your smile the care it deserves!

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