Different Mouthguards and How to Care for Them

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If you are an athlete, you have probably used a mouthguard at some point. Mouthguards are crucial to protecting the teeth and mouth, and they are used in contact sports and non-contact ones like ice skating or biking. Finding the right mouthguard and properly caring for it are important to do if you want to protect your teeth.

Different Types of Mouthguards
Custom-Fitted Mouthguard
Price Range: expensive
Material: acrylic
Creation: this is made by a dentist from a mold of your teeth
Fit/Protection: since it is custom made, this guard offers the best fit and protection.
Boil and Bite Mouthguard
Price Range: inexpensive
Material: thermoplastic
Creation: after softening the guard in boiled water, you bite down on it so it will cool into the formation of your teeth.
Fit/Protection: this guard has a good fit to your teeth, so the protection is good as well.
Stock Guard
Price Range: inexpensive
Material: rubber or polyvinyl
Creation: this guard comes pre-formed
Fit/Protection: this guard has the poorest fit. While it does still protect your teeth, it doesn’t do as well as other types of mouthguards. It can also be difficult to breathe and talk while wearing this type of guard.
How to Properly Care for Your Mouthguard
In order to maintain a mouthguard’s shape, there are step you need to take in order to care for it. When you properly care for your mouthguard, you are also taking care of your teeth as well.

  • Rinse before and after use
  • Clean the mouthguard periodically with cool, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly afterwards.
  • Do not store a mouthguard in warm water, a car, or in the sun
  • Keep the mouthguard in a ventilated, sturdy container.

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