Removing Your Wisdom Teeth is Often Needed

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When it comes to removing your wisdom teeth, our office understands it could be a difficult decision for some people. When they first appear, your wisdom teeth can become painful and seem insignificant, making it harder to see the long-term repercussions of not removing them.

Our dentists, Dr. James Feldman, cares about your oral health and offers wisdom teeth removal for your needs when they come. That is why our team at Feldman Dentistry in Washington, DC, is sharing some insight with you on why removing your wisdom teeth is often needed for your oral health in the long-run.

Your wisdom teeth are the last of your permanent teeth to grow in. In fact, these teeth begin to appear in the teen years or early adulthood and often comes accompanied with pain and bleeding on the gums. For most people, there is not sufficient room in your jaw for all four of your wisdom teeth to grow in right, causing them to become impacted and put a painful strain on your other teeth.

In numerous cases, your wisdom teeth can chip, crack, or damage the neighboring teeth or the root of the teeth as they grow in. It is also known that wisdom teeth usually force your other teeth out of alignment making it harder to brush and floss correctly and can lead to an increase in cavities and risk of gum disease threatening your oral health. Lastly, wisdom teeth below the surface can also lead to painful infections that can severely damage your oral health. That is why having them removed is wise to keep your oral health in exceptional condition.

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