The Benefits and Limitations of Mouthwash

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The correct use of mouthwash could enable it to have a very positive influence on your dental health, especially if you struggle with chronic bad breath. Adding mouthwash to your daily oral care routine can help keep your mouth feeling fresh and clean. Though mouthwash is not a substitute for your other oral care habits, it can boost the health and look of your smile.

There are many options when it comes to choosing a mouthwash, and you are welcome to speak with our dentist if you are unsure which product is right for you. The basic function of mouthwash is always the same, but it can come in many varieties with different properties that range from breath freshening, to tooth whitening or even to being an excellent fluoride supplement. If you would like a guarantee that your mouthwash is effective and meets its claims, look for a brand that has the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. This is a symbol that the safety and efficacy of the mouthwash have met the ADA’s high standards.

Even if you rinse with mouthwash every day, you still need to brush and floss your teeth. While mouthwash can boost your oral care routine by flushing harmful acid and plaque buildup from your smile, it can’t remove these substances from the surface of the teeth or between the teeth and gums like daily brushing and flossing can.

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