What Do You Know about Bad Breath?

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Bad breath, also called halitosis, is a common oral health abnormality that is often characterized by foul odors that come from the mouth. Characteristically, these odors are caused by bacteria, but in some situations, they may simply be caused by the foods you ate or the drinks you consumed. Recognizing signs of the actual disorder easy to spot, as the causes are well known.

Usually, most bad breath issues can easily be treated. Treatment procedures include brushing, flossing, using mouthwash, and even chewing sugarless gum. In many cases, bad breath can be eliminated if the origin is bacteria in your mouth that simply needs to be washed away. However, this task can become increasingly problematic if you experience dry mouth symptoms, as saliva plays a key role in counterbalancing acids and washing away food residue in your mouth.

Other more serious problems may be causing your bad breath. If you have suffered any tooth damage or have any cracks in your tooth enamel, it is conceivable for bacteria to enter the tooth and infect your pulp. If a pulp is infected, bad breath will continue beyond easy cleaning methods. Furthermore, kidney and liver problems, as well as respiratory tract infections, may be to blame for your bad breath. As with all oral health conditions, seek treatment from your dentist at our local dentist office if you experience any symptoms.

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